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Homeowner Insurance

from Calderone Insurance Agency

Homeowner Insurance

Protect Your Largest Asset

For most folks, their home is their largest financial asset. But if that asset becomes damaged or lost due to fire, a storm, or a natural disaster, how would they afford to rebuild and replace their personal belongings inside?

Fortunately, there is homeowner insurance for just such a scenario. With homeowner insurance, you don’t have to dig into your personal savings or sell your business if something happens to your home. Likewise, homeowner insurance protects you if someone has an accident on your property and is awarded damages following a legal judgment against you.

At Calderone Insurance Agency, we are independent insurance agents with a huge range of homeowner insurance products for our clients in the Lockport, New York, area. We love helping our friends and neighbors find a homeowner policy that gives them peace of mind while also meeting their budget needs.

Property Damage Coverage

Homeowner insurance is designed to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your residence if it is damaged in a fire or by hail, natural disasters, or even vandalism. You may already be required by your mortgage lender to carry this type of protection. The right policy can also pay for the cost of having to live elsewhere if your dwelling becomes uninhabitable and must be renovated or reconstructed.

Personal Property

In many cases, your personal property may be as valuable as your home itself. Homeowner insurance also covers furnishings, appliances, clothing, electronics, and other belongings. Simply take an inventory of your home’s interior with your mobile phone, and we can help you determine how much coverage to carry.

Do you have expensive jewelry, fine art, collectibles, or antiques? These may require separate coverage for a reasonable fee, which you can add to your regular homeowner policy to ensure these items are protected too.


Most people can’t afford to cover the cost of a legal judgment if someone sues after being injured on their property. However, we recommend homeowners select a policy with liability coverage just for this contingency, even if it's not required by your mortgage lender.

You can even add more coverage through a personal umbrella policy. An umbrella policy takes up where regular homeowner liability leaves off and is ideal for people who own dogs. Dog bites are one of the more common ways people are injured on others’ property.

Reach Out for Homeowner Insurance

We would hate to see your greatest asset not get the protection it deserves. Call us at 716-589-7283, or get in touch through our online form for a quote for a homeowner insurance policy. We’ll ask you a few questions to match you with the right coverage for your one-of-a-kind needs. Our goal is to let you relax and enjoy your home, knowing it’s protected the way it should be.