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Umbrella Insurance

from Calderone Insurance Agency

Extra Protection for Your Peace of Mind

Every year, people in the US undergo financial loss for unexpected events that leave them liable in the eyes of the law. If someone took a fall in your home and sued you, would you have the money to cover damages awarded in a legal judgment against you? What if your dog bit someone on a walk or hurt a delivery person coming to your home?

Fortunately, there is umbrella insurance to cover you in these kinds of unexpected incidents. Rather than losing your financial assets, your property, or your business to cover damages, your umbrella policy could cover up to $1 million, possibly even more.

At Calderone Insurance Agency, we’re independent agents who can offer Lockport, New York, area residents personalized service and the extra insurance protection they desire through the right umbrella policy. This coverage is available to homeowners, condo owners, and renters alike.

Most people add an umbrella policy to their homeowner insurance, but you can also supplement your business, auto, boat, RV, and motorcycle policies. When you have extra liability, umbrella insurance is a wise choice.

Umbrella insurance policies provide what is known as broad coverage. All your family members would be covered, anywhere in the world. These types of policies also include legal defense fees.

Be smart, and don’t wait until a disaster happens that puts you at financial risk. Call us at 716-589-7283 or contact us online for a quote today. You’ll sleep better knowing you have that extra liability coverage just in case.